Friday, May 21, 2010



by  Milt Rodriguez 

"Now everything becomes internal. God comes to actually live inside of the believer. Now, the law is "written" on our hearts" because the One who is the Lawgiver and Law fulfiller comes to reside within us. Do you see how tremendous this is? The law is no longer an external set of rules that are written on stone tablets. They have all been fulfilled by a Person who has now come to indwell the believer. Now, it is the life of the Person inside the believer that fulfills every law, not the believer himself. (Gal. 2:20)  Dear reader, please take a moment to think on that. Let this fact sink deep into your spirit so that it becomes a living reality for you. Jesus Christ lives inside of you. All of God's requirements are fulfilled by this indwelling Lord."  Milt Rodriguez, The Temple Within 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! In my opinion, no topic is more important than this one. The Evangelical community knows very little, if nothing at all, regarding an intimate relationship with our indwelling LORD JESUS CHRIST, and that this relationship with HIM is pursued in community with other believers. The Jesus many Christians worship is in the heavenly places. I'm reminded of how an angel chided the disciples as their eyes followed Jesus’ ascension: "Why do you stand here looking up?" The angel is saying their focus of worship "upward" was misdirected. The one we love now lives in us, in temples not made by hands. This is the longing of our God from before the foundation of the world, to live and walk "IN" HIS people. But attend any worship service in a typical church on Sunday mornings, and you will catch a flavor of this worship of Christ "The Most High" but little is known of our indwelling King, “The Most Nigh!”

This practice of fellowship with HIM who lives within is nothing new. This was the heritage of the saints, and they knew it well, from the beginning of the church and down through the centuries. But this became hidden from us with the "Age of Enlightenment" where "reason" and "discourse" over scripture, and pulpit sermons, took the place of keeping close to this inner spring of living water that springs up within the hearts of those who follow JESUS.

Milt helps to give fresh impetus to this lost devotion to our indwelling LORD. In most circles, we speak of this more metaphorically than actually. We believe HE lives in us, but that is as far as it goes. "The Temple Within" gives very practical guidelines on how we can enter behind the veil, to a living fellowship with HIM, not only as individual Christians, but as "member’s one of another." Here you will read about "Beholding Him," "Loving Him," "Receiving Him," and the Habitual Fellowship with Him that is the highest privilege of every child of God, individually and corporately.

If you long to know Christ who also longs for your fellowship with HIM in the inner courts, do yourself a favor and read "The Temple Within." And then, as Teresa of Avila says, "get yourself some company as soon as you can" to enjoy this amazing Christ together.

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